extent reports in selenium webdriver

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Selenium WebDriver Reporting – Extent Reports

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As we all familiar with different types of reporting Tools like XSLT Reporting,Allure Reporting mentioned below:
XSLT Report: http://total-qa.com/generate-xslt-report-ant-build/
Allure Report: http://total-qa.com/advanced-selenium/allure-reporting/

We will explore a new open source reporting tool Extent Reports in selenium webdriver.
Extent Reports is a logger-style API written for Java and .NET environments which allows creating HTML reports from tests.

    Steps to Configure Extent Reports:

  • Access the link extent reports for maven dependency information
  • Create a maven project add the extent reports dependency.
  • extentReports


  • Create a Sample Program to generate extent reports.
  • Execute the program verify the extent.html file generated in the project.
  • extentreports1


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