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Interview questions:

1. What is constructor

2. What are Access Modifier

3. How to see a method only accessable to class

4. How to access private class variables

5. Frameworks

6. Page Object Model

7. OOPs concepts related questions(Encapsulation,polymorphisim,method overloading etc with examples)

8. Agile Vs WAterfall

9. Jenkins

10.QTP vs Selenium

11.Continuous Integratoin

1. how do you execute test scripts

2. Have you done Cross-browser testing

3. What are the annotations you used in TestNG

4. which package do you get List Interface

5. What is the difference between the Interface and the Abstract classes

6. Difference between thread.sleep and the implicit wait

7. What do you mean by static(method, variables etc)

8. how do you call static methods. What makes them different from non-static methods

9. How do you handle windows operations not supported by Selenium

10 What methods you used in explicit wait

1. How do you read data from the excel sheet in Selenium

2. Write a method to reverse a String

3. What are the different locators to find web element


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