QTP Basic Quiz & Interview Questions for Beginners

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Important topics to crack interviews for QTP/UFT
• Object identification concepts
• Object Repository/Descriptive programming
• Actions/Functions
• Checkpoints
• Recovery scenarios
• Virtual objects
• Test Data management /Data table
• Database connectivity
• Automation frameworks
• VBScripting

Link for QTP Documentation ->https://community.softwaregrp.com/t5/Quality-and-Testing/ct-p/quality-testing

QTP Quiz to test your knowledge.

1. What are the available step commands in QTP??


2. Where can we merge the Object Repository?


3. What is the method used to send a run-time Data Sheet to an Excel File?


4. What Object is used to send information to test results at the completion of test run?


5. How to handle exceptions in QTP?


6. Which Scripting language used in QTP/UFT?


7. Select the ADO( Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects) Objects used in QTP?


8. Where can the results of Output Parameter available in QTP?


9. What is the in-built method used in QTP to retrieve the number of items in the List for a WebList Object?


10. What is low-level recording mode useful?


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