Selenium WebDriver Advanced Online Quiz-1

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Test your Knowledge in Selenium WebDriver Advanced Topics by answering 1-10 Questions.

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1. Select the method used to get the color of the Element displayed in the web-page


2. Select method used to get location of the top left-hand corner of the element


3. Select method useful to get the width and height of the rendered element


4. Select the propertyName which is not a valid CSS Property passed for a method java.lang.String getCssValue(java.lang.String propertyName)


5. What is the output of isDisplayed method?


6. Element is not clickable at point (280, 1261) can be handled by using scroll method in Javascript Executor to get the focus of the Element.


7. How to overcome/handle the Stale Element Reference Exception thrown by the below Code.
List e = driver.findElements(""));


8. What are the methods used to insert the wait statements in Selenium??


9. What is the method called to perform sequence of mouse actions??


10. Action is the class used to perform Keyword and mouse Actions in Selenium Webdriver.