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Test your knowledge in Selenium WebDriver by Answering 1-20 Questions.

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1. What is the interface available in Selenium?


2. Select the option which is not a WebElement Method.


3. Identify the option which is not a JAVA class in Selenium.


4. Identify the Xpath for Selecting the value from the below html table.

Author Course Price
Let’s Kode It Selenium WebDriver With Java 35
Let’s Kode It Python Programming Language 30
Let’s Kode It JavaScript Programming Language 25

5. What are the navigation methods listed below.


6. What is the WebElement method used to get the BackGroud Color of an Element displayed in the WebPage.


7. What is the method used to Change the Focus from an frame/iframe/window/Alert


8. What is the method used in the Select Java Class to get all the Options


9. What are the Wait applicable in Selenium webdriver.


10. What is the javaScript Function used to enter the text in TextBox


11. What is the abstract class available in Selenium.


12. What is return type of driver.get(String url) method in Selenium.


13. What is the return Type of driver.getTitle() method in Selenium WebDriver.


14. What is the method used to select a value from Listbox.


15. What is the javascript method used to scroll to particular Element?


16. What is the method used to check the WebElement is present.


17. What is the method used to verify the Text present in a WebPage


18. Select the component which is not part of Selenium?


19. Select the language which is not supported by Selenium WebDriver


20. Select the Locator which is not available in Selenium WebDriver


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