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Allure Reporting,Testng,Selenium WebDriver Framework

As a tester we are mainly interested in generating very good html reports to get to know the Test cases passed and failed. Testng which is a java framework helps us in generation of index.html and emailable-report.html contains the information about the Test case Status. Even though it generates the status of the testcases we are mainly interested in taking screenshots,generation of chats like PIE charts,LINE charts. To overcome these issues we are using ALLURE REPORTING which is open source from Yandex Testing Team.


  1. Create a Maven project.
  2. Project Source Tree Directory Structure:
  3. The standard layout for Maven projects (the application sources reside in ${basedir}/src/main/java and test sources reside in ${basedir}/src/test/java, where ${basedir} represents the directory containing pom.xml).

  4. Add the following content to pom.xml
  5. Create total-qa.xml file in the src/test/resources/xmlFiles as mentioned below:
  6. Maintain as mentioned below in the src/test/resources
  7. Create a to create a driver instance and extended to the SubClass.
  8. /**************


  9. Create a SubClass named extends and implements Interface IHookable
  10. /********************************/


  11. Right click on pom.xml and Select Run Configurations option.
  12. Maven Goals as ‘clean test site’
  13. View the Reports in Firefox Brower only.
  14. Finally, we are able to capture the allure reports as shown below:

3 comments on “Allure Reporting

  1. Rizwanulla Khan

    Hi I used the above steps
    I got an error Description Resource Path Location Type
    The type org.openqa.selenium.internal.Killable cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files

    Can u please help me on this


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