Java Online OOPS Quiz-Test your knowledge

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Java Platform Standard Edition 8 Documentation
Complete List of Java Basics

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1. A collection of methods with no implementation is an__?


2. What is the default value of boolean?


3. The Common behavior of SuperClass is inherited to SubClass using the keyword__??


4. Can we Create Abstract Class with out any abstract methods?


5. Hiding internal data from the outside world, and accessing it only through publicly exposed methods is known as ___?


6. An Object state is stored in methods.


7. final methods cannot be overriden.


8. How to fetch the current time in Milliseconds?


9. An Object behavior is exposed through fields.


10. What is the superclass for all the Exceptions and Errors in Java?


11. Can we override static methods in JAVA?


12. Real Objects contain State and Behavior.


13. The term API stands for __?


14. final classes cannot be extended.


15. final variables are constants.


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