[Solved]SessionNotCreatedError: Unexpected error launching Internet Explorer

In this tutorial we will discuss about Fixing the issues that arises during execution of Selenium WebDriver tests against the browser Type Internet Explorer. Before Running Tests, make sure the following settings are updated for the Internet Explorer.

Browser Zoom Level

Access File Menu->View->zoom should be set to 100%.

Protected Mode Settings

Access File Menu->Tools-> Internet Options->Security.
Make sure the Protected Mode is enabled or disabled for all the Security Zones as listed below:

  • Internet Zone
  • Local intranet
  • Trusted Sites
  • Restricted Sites
Enabled or Disable Protected Mode

Enabled or Disable Protected Mode

Executable File

Add the IEDriverServer.exe to the eclipse project by downloading from the link https://www.seleniumhq.org/download/

Untrusted SSL Certificate

To Handle the SSL Certificates on IE Browsers use the following code snippet to Handle SSL Certificates. This logic clicks on the link Continue to this website(recommended)


Selenium WebDriver Program:


Therefore, setting the zoom to 100% and enabling or disabling the protected mode for all the security zones resolves the SessionNotCreatedError.

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