Software Testing Interview Questions

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Software Testing Interview Questions
In this article, we see best interview questions of Software Testing. Let’s get started.

What is Test Harness?
A test harness is the collection of software and test data configured to test a program unit by running it under varying conditions which involves monitoring the output with expected output.

What is Integration Testing?
Integration Testing is the process of testing the interface between the two software units. Integration testing is done by three ways. Big Bang Approach, Top Down Approach, Bottom-Up Approach

What is Adhoc Testing?
Ad-hoc testing is quite opposite to the formal testing. It is an informal testing type. In Adhoc testing, testers randomly test the application without following any documents and test design techniques. This testing is primarily performed if the knowledge of testers in the application under test is very high. Testers randomly test the application without any test cases or any business requirement document.
What are the principles of Software Testing?
1. Testing shows presence of defects
2. Exhaustive testing is impossible
3. Early testing
4. Defect clustering
5. Pesticide Paradox
6. Testing is context depending
7. Absence of error fallacy

What is Defect clustering?
Defect clustering in software testing means that a small module or functionality contains most of the bugs or it has the most operational failures.

What is Pesticide Paradox?
Pesticide Paradox in software testing is the process of repeating the same test cases, again and again, eventually, the same test cases will no longer find new bugs. So to overcome this Pesticide Paradox, it is necessary to review the test cases regularly and add or update them to find more defects.

What is Bug Leakage?
A bug which is actually missed by the testing team while testing and the build was released to the Production. If now that bug (which was missed by the testing team) was found by the end user or customer then we call it as Bug Leakage.

What is Showstopper Defect?
A showstopper defect is a defect which won’t allow a user to move further in the application. It’s almost like a crash.
Assume that login button is not working. Even though you have a valid username and valid password, you could not move further because the login button is not functioning.

What is State Transition?
Using state transition testing, we pick test cases from an application where we need to test different system transitions. We can apply this when an application gives a different output for the same input, depending on what has happened in the earlier state.

What is Defect Age?
Defect age can be defined as the time interval between date of defect detection and date of defect closure.
Defect Age = Date of defect closure – Date of defect detection
Assume, a tester found a bug and reported it on 1 Jan 2016 and it was successfully fixed on 5 Jan 2016. So the defect age is 5 days.

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