Automating SVG and Interactive Charts in Selenium-JavascriptExecutor

In this tutorial we will discuss about automating the Interactive Charts and SVG [Scalable Vector Graphics] in Selenium.

To automate these Interactive Charts, Selenium Locators such as Xpath and Css-Selector are not helpful. We should depend on an Interface called JavascriptExecutor to identify the SVG and read the values available in these charts.

Javascript Commands:

Reading Attributes of SVG graph[Scalable Vector Graphics]

Scalable Vector Graphics - SVG

Scalable Vector Graphics – SVG

Reading Data from the Chart
Interactive Chart-Line Chart

Interactive Chart-Line Chart

Executing the Javascript Commands in Selenium WebDriver


M 84.5 73 L 84.5 359
Basic line | Highcharts


JavaScript HTML DOM Document
Interactive Charts


Therefore, using Javascript Commands we can automate the SVG and Interactive Charts in Selenium.

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  1. Smruthi

    Thank you for explaining how to execute javascript command in selenium. I wanted to know how to validate the results? Compare the output against what? How to decide on the expected result?


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